Hello friends of Boon and the surrounding borroughs.  Just thought I’d blog, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on.  So let me fill you in on some upcoming CORK related tidbits!  Once again I’ll be in Artist’s Alley at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (July 20-24) selling Cork related merchandise and chatting with any misguided individuals who are mistaking me for somebody more important.

San Diego as most of you know is the largest, most pungent convention of the popular arts on the planet so it’s easy to get lost in the sea of marketing morass.  For those attending you can find the carefully hidden Artist’s Alley ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT of the convention floor.  Apparently the powers that be didn’t want us to be bothered by any unwanted annoyances such as fans or attendees.  You can find me at table DD-06!  Look for the tall Cork banner and the pitiful specimen of an artist sitting beneath!  It should be a hoot.

Also, this year I actually have some real Cork merchandise!  I’ll be selling t-shirts and mugs this time around with your favorite or least appreciated characters emblazoned RIGHT ON THEM!

The t-shirt’s image will be that of Sam and Vlad on a pre-shrunk 100% cotton black shirt and will come Medium, Large, and Extra-large sizes!  I’ll be selling them at $20 a piece.

The mug will have an image of Cork sitting while watching you drink too much of a beverage you really shouldn’t be drinking with the Cork logo floating above her.  You can pick up one of these bad girls for $15 each.  It too is made of 100% cotton.  (I kid.  I’m hilarious.)  Quantites of both are limited!

I also have a few Cork books left and will be selling those as well at $10 each!

I hope you can come down and see me, even say hello if you like.  I’ll be there all four days.  If you can’t make the Con this year and want some new Cork swag I’ll see about making it available through this website soon.  If you know anyone headed down to San Diego for this soiree, send ’em by my booth and introduce them to my stupid webcomic.  They may even like the damn thing.

I know, silly wishful thinking.