Hello faithful, tireless legions of Cork readers!

I’ve got some unfortunate, hopefully short term, news for you.  I have to take a sabbatical from posting new Cork strips for the near future due to some unavoidable obstacles that have popped up on my highway and forced me off the road into the bushes.  As many of you may NOT know, I’m currently working with the video game company 343 Industries as a cinematic storyboard artist on their latest project HALO 4.  It’s been pretty damned cool to work on this juggernaut.  I’ve played every Halo game since its’ inception and to be part of creating the visuals for that universe is a huge thrill for me!  Basically what I do is visualize many of the cut scene movies you see at the end of a level after finishing off gameplay that narratively propels you into the next segment.  It’s basically like directing a movie, only the actors are more cooperative.

As a result I haven’t had as much time to pump out new Corks so the nice big buffer of already completed strips has dwindled down to nothing.  So I’m going to start slowly building that up again and once I get enough ahead where I (hopefully) won’t have another break in the Thursday deliverables, we’ll get this whole ball of cheese rolling again.  I know all six of you who read Cork are shattered by this news, but have faith!  This damnable cartoon will return soon with as much stupidity as I can muster.  I already have the next storyline in mind so as soon as I’m able I’ll be hitting the drawing lap and vomitting out new strips for you all.  I hope I don’t lose any of you to other comics during the break.  If you were to abandon me for, say, something like B.C., well… well that would just be awful.  For the both of us.

I’ll keep everyone updated about the return.  In the meantime, have a sandwich, clean your apartment, and try to make something of yourself.  I mean come on, you have the time now!