“Gaaaaah, what happened?!” That’s probably the thought that’s running through your head right now if you’ve been to this site before.  Either that or, “I’d really enjoy some lemon frosted pound cake with a Caramel Macchiato” if your interest lies elsewhere.  Yes, there has been a big change to the look and structure of the Cork webpage thanks to the machinations of my lovely girlfriend who figured out the mysteries of ComicPress when I couldn’t.  I hope you enjoy the change.  I do!  The site is now MUCH easier to manage, more streamlined, and less cumbersome to navigate.  I can also update the blog and news much more often now, so I can tell you in a heartbeat when I’m watching a particularly enjoyable episode of Dexter or when I’ve had an extremely average sandwich or whatnot.  I may even talk about the strip, who knows?

Another change, if you didn’t already know, is that I’ll be COLORING every new strip of Cork from this point on.  I initially started coloring from the beginning, but with about thirty strips already posted I realized I’d be playing a game of catch up I couldn’t win.  I did manage to finish off the first six so PLEASE check those out in the Archives when you can.  I’ll slowly try to add color to the rest of those early offerings as soon as I’m able, in the meantime I’ll be concentrating on drawing, inking, and digitally painting more bright, shiny, and fresh strips for your consumption.

I also have a VERY limited number of Cork books I made for the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con for purchase on the site!  It collects the first thirty-three cartoons as well as a few other bonus bits.  So give yourself a late or extremely early Christmas present and get yours before they disappear.

So that’s it, welcome to the improved page.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy a rousing debate over whether or not it’s humane to make monkeys wear hats.  See you next time.