Since many webcomic sites are a labor of love between the artist and those deliciously twitchy fans who have the remarkable misfortune of sharing a similar sense of humor, there usually isn’t a large press syndicate behind the successful push of an individual web strip.  Web creators have to firstly rely on their talent to reach out and touch an appreciative audience and then in turn have that audience help spread the word to the rest of the populace.  If you’re lucky you start to gain a following, but still it’s not like you’re earning an actual paycheck for simply being popular.  To make any sort of money you have to either sell your original IP to a production house and they turn it into a hugely successful animated series earning you millions of mucho dinero, or you can create a limited amount of your own merchandise and sell it to the hungry consumers a piece at a time, the latter of which being infinitely more likely.

That being said, I wanted to pose a question to you sixteen people who have read Cork.  If I were to create merchandise based on my strip, what products would you be inclined to actually purchase?  T-shirts?  Mugs?  Books?  Fuzzy thermoses in the shape of Sam where you screw off his head to drink hot beverages from his neck?  I’d like to know.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to have merchandise to sell right away, I just wanted to do research so when I’m in a position to develop some cool swag I’ll know what will entice you to empty out your wallet and/or purse of all that chewy disposable income.

Who knows, with enough interest maybe I’ll have that all-in-one Vlad-shaped coffee machine/printer/hookah ready for you by this year’s Comic-Con.  That would be awesome.