Hey everybody,

Hope you enjoy this week’s overly-saturated, quasi-humorous addition of Cork!  I just thought I’d pass along this news:  Dark Horse has finally collected the two-issue limited series Ghost/Hellboy I drew way back when into a nice graphic novel called Hellboy: Masks and Monsters!  It also includes Mike Mignola’s written and drawn Hellboy/Batman/Starman mini series as well!  Dark Horse has always put together nice Hellboy collections and finally my series has joined the ranks.  Mike told me at a convention awhile ago that he was hoping they would re-release the story so maybe he pushed and shoved and cajoled the powers that be to add it to the list.  The book also includes some Mignola sketches and thoughts about Ghost/Hellboy which includes a humorous apology for his treatment of me early in the process.  I had the distinct honor of being the first artist  to draw Hellboy besides him in comics and he was quite protective of the big red beast.

It was one of my favorite projects with two of my favorite characters at that time.  All I know is that it’s really cool to see my name next to Mignola’s so prominently on the cover of the book!  So check it out if you can.  You can find it at comic book outlets as well as places like Barnes & Noble book sellers.  As you can tell by the accompanying photo, it is quite the scintillating read!

Excellent inks by my pal Jasen Rodriguez as well!